Investing in a startup company


Investing in a startup company is now easier

It is clear that the future of the worldwide economy will be mainly pushed by the technological innovation. Over the last years, an innovated group of companies have emerged having as their principal function to solve problems by using the technology; these companies are called “startups”.

Having the technology as an advantage, these companies have such a great capacity of scalability, meaning that they could grow a lot without so many resources needed, which generates very attractive performance for their investors; however, it is also clear that these are high risk investments.

Did you know that if you had invested 1,000 pesos in Google back in 1998, you would have 42 million dollars by 2010?

Until a few years ago, investing in a startup could be a difficult task, only for millionaires or investment funds; however, by using Play Business we all could invest in a startup in a simple way by being part of the crowdfunding, which enables to invest 100 pesos per month to start in a company that we could think it is attractive and become a “player”, this is how Play Business call their investors.

Marc Segura, CEO of Play Business, gave some advises on how to invest in startups:

We accept the challenge and we have launched our marketing campaign called Surfing Digital, the first digital academy on how to learn about teaching how the most successful companies in the XXI century operate.

All the big companies that we see nowadays, started as a dream and so small, but by being persistent, action and investment, they have transformed industries. One of the best advantages of technology is that in the present, is so easy and simple to become a part of these startup companies.

“Technology is so strong, every business needs to be online in the present; otherwise, it is death”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal a successful entrepreneur from Mexico and president of Grupo Denim.