Textiles for Spring/Summer 2016


Textiles for Spring/Summer 2016

The Spring/Summer seasons for 2016 are betting for bright textiles that will fill out the world of color, texture and vibrant applications that will fill out the air with energy and lots of personality.

“Spring and Summer are a great epoch of the year to dress on colorful outfits, taking out of the wardrobe those garments that will make you feel comfortable on hot days and fresh”, thinks Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

The tones of textiles for Spring and Summer 2016 will appear from subtle and romantic ones, such as nude, pale pink, camel, natural and choral to the stronger shades such as yellow, orange, blue, green and turquoise. Designers are finding the perfect balance between both color gamuts in order to create garments that include both colors instead of making them compete.

This Spring/Summer seasons we will see sophisticated textiles that will invite us to wear them in a bright and imperious way, some of these designs include animal print, openwork fabrics and classic textures reappearing again, such as patchwork and seafaring.

Trends are also guiding us to ethnic canvas, floral and bicolor tones that will convert these types of clothes in basic ones for this season.

The retro style is coming bight and this time it is bringing details inspiring a little bit of longing for those wonderful years.

Spring and Summer for 2016 will be great to reinvent textile applications, bright colors and retro prints that will invite the lovers to embrace these new fashion designs.

“The perfect benefit of design and style can only be obtained when the designers find a way to make completely different textiles match between them, that is when new combinations are found and the fashion lovers see the magic of new styles each new season”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

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