Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur


Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur

Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs know how to identify opportunities, quantify risks and start working to make their ideas grow up immediately in a creative and innovative way, except that one does it in an external environment, while the second one under an organization’s umbrella.

When we talk about starting something new, we usually think of starting a business of their own; however, during the last years, entrepreneurship has given a new concept for those persons willing to start new things on their own employment, which are the intrapreneurs.

“Entrepreneurs are always willing to take risks, once they have found a business opportunity, with financial intelligence, organizing the resources they have in hand to make it happen, and assuming potential risks they will have to overcome, that is how they are able to become successful”, thinks Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

An intrapreneur is similar to an entrepreneur, except that he does not want to leave his organization, but is still able to identify new business opportunities that will allow a company to innovate its processes or products, making the business grow up, they are completely valuable for a company.

For an entrepreneur, their success will be remunerated with more earnings and a growing business, for an intrapreneur, their main reward is their achievements, having a successful vision within a company and the recognition of that organization they work for.

Knowledge is the main tool for both, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs, so they are willing to learn, listening to experiences, read, and everything that will help them have a successful mind, prepared for business.

“Any person who is responsible to transform an idea into a finished product that is economically viable, take risks and innovate is a great intrapreneur and is capable to make a company grow up, create more profits and get new customers, these persons are essential to make a business succeed”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.