Jeans for all styles

Jeans for all styles

Jeans for all styles

Jeans are key for all wardrobes, they are always useful and will save you too much time trying to find the perfect outfit and for this, many personas are used to wear them every day, today we will show you what king of jeans are available so you are able to identify the perfect one for your style next time you go on shopping.

“Jeans have the singularity of being versatile, comfortable, and easy to combine and take care of and they can be worn at very place. With all new designs, there are many jeans available for all type of styles”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, a jeans manufacturer company in Mexico.

These are the most common type of jeans:

  • Flared jeans – They are a perfect representation of the 70’s style, their main characteristic is the bell-shaped hems, I recommend you to combine these jeans with platform shoes.
  • Skinny jeans – They are a revolution on jeans, the skinny jeans are trends on the present, if you like these type of jeans, make sure to try a few one until you find the size that would fit perfectly.
  • Boot cut jeans – The bottom part of these jeans is open enough so that your boots will perfectly fit inside, but the bottom part of the jeans is not as wide as the flared jeans.
  • Boyfriend jeans – These are boyish styles, loose on the upper part and tighter at the bottom. These are the perfect jeans for a comfortable and informal look.
  • Straight jeans – They are a combination between skinny and boot cut jeans, these give you a perfect sense of comfort on the legs and will style your shade perfectly.

“Whatever your style is, there are many jeans that will complement your outfit perfect, we, at Grupo Denim, make sure to keep on proposing new designs that many more people likes”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.

Iron Jeans

Iron Jeans

How To Iron Jeans

Fashionable jeans today do not have creases on them. They do however have crunched pockets and some are made of very stiff material. Once you get the basics down you will be able to iron any pair of jeans.

You will need:

  • Pair of jeans
  • Quality iron
  • Starch
  • Water spray bottle
  • Ironing board
  1. Place one leg of jeans flat on ironing board. The proper method to iron jeans is to take one leg at a time. If you are not creasing the jean, then lay the leg flat with the seams out to the side. Make sure you stretch the jean leg properly so that it’s flat out front and back. If you are creasing the jeans then you’ll need to line up the leg with the seams so they are in a straight line together from crotch to hem.
  2. Use starch or water. If you like a stiffer denim feel, then you can spray starch on the leg evenly or if you prefer just spray the leg with a mist of water from a water bottle. In either case, make sure you do not drench the jean leg with either starch or water.
  3. Iron. Wait until the iron is hot and then press down with a good amount of pressure to iron out all the creases. How to iron jeans is to use move iron smoothly forward and backwards.
  4. Switch legs. Now that you have ironed one leg, carefully place that leg off the ironing board and lay the other leg flat. Once again stretch out the jean leg flat without a crease or line up the seams for a crease.
  5. Iron the second leg. Starch or spray water on the jean leg lightly and then iron with pressure. Take your time and apply pressure smoothly to the iron.
  6. Place half of top part of jean onto small part of point of ironing board. Carefully lift the jeans and open it up to place hip part inside of the small part of the ironing board. This is how you iron the jean front pockets. Starch then iron.
  7. Repeat with other hip pocket. Once you have the iron to one part of the front, switch. Get both sides of the front pair of jeans pressed.
  8. Turn jeans over and slip into small part of ironing board. Now you need to iron the back pockets. Slip the hip as you did before but in reverse to show pocket and starch, press and iron. Do both sides. Now you know how to iron jeans.

Every man/women should know how to properly groom and style himself, so it is important to learn how to iron jeans to look well, said Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

From the office to the gym


From the office to the gym thru an easy way

Remember New Year’s wishes? One of those were to exercise for sure so congratulations for those that follows an actual routine but if you’re one of those that failed that wish due to the lack of time or extra work, we would like to list some tips that will help you to mix your business look with a sport look in order for you to go to the gym right after you are out of the office.

  1. Sneakers

One of the most strongest tendency of the season, use it and combine a suit with a tennis shoes that would make you feel comfortable at the office and also at the gym.

  1. Sweatshirt

Replace the classic shirt for a sweatshirt or a t-shirt in a neutral color. This will make your formal look more young and will help you to be warm on a cold weather when running.

  1. Duffle bag

A briefcase is a classic, but to look sporty you better use a leather duffle bag so you can put inside your office and gym stuff.

  1. Vest

If the weather changes drastically, replace your coat for a flannel sporty vest, it will add color to your outfit.

  1. Jeans

If the dress code at your work is flexible, we would suggest dressing in jogger pants that will be useful at work and at the gym activities.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, found these tips to be very fun and also very practical. “I am really thankful because I do not need to use these tips as I have the time to do all my activities without pressure; however, I do recall when I was a student that I was running from school to work and then to the park to exercise, I would really used them at that time!”, said an enthusiastic Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal while doing he’s daily routine.


Make your jeans last forever

Jeans last forever

How to make your jeans last forever

Many jeans lovers have difficult times trying to make their favorite garments last for longer, they think taking care of them is a really confusing and hard task, but if you follow some easy steps we will show you here, you will make your favorite denim pants will be with you on the best moments of your life.

“Denim pants are easy to take care of, as their resistant material allows you to wear them multiple times and when you wash them the fabric does not start changing as any others, if it is a denim of good quality, the shape of your jeans will stay the same after many home laundries”, said Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, director of a Mexican jean manufacturer called Grupo Denim.

We know it might be really hard to find the perfect pair of jeans just for you, as you need to invest a few hours going on shopping and trying with many different fits and sizes, but when you find the perfect pair, you will want them to last forever, right? If you have already decided for the right jeans, you need to follow these tips:

  1. Do not wash them. Taking your favorite jeans into the hard process of wash might make the color wash out and the shape might change, so keep them away from the wash machine for as much as possible.
  2. If you wash them then add 2 spoons with salt to the wash machine, this will help to keep the original color on the denim, if you can, it is better to hand wash them with a solution made of cold water and soft detergent, remember to hang them outdoors to dry, do not put them in a dry machine as that might make your jeans shrink and you would want to avoid that.
  3. You probably hang your jeans in your closet; however, the best way to keep your jeans is folding them and putting them into dry and clean drawers.
  4. Remember not to put anything in your pockets for too long, as saving coins, a lipstick or your mobile might leave a mark or make your jeans lose their original form.

“Many people see the importance of taking good care of their jeans as they know finding the perfect pair might be a little tricky, so it is important to following the care instructions on the garments too, that will ensure they last for a longer time”, added Salomón Juan Marcos Villareal about this topic.

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Metallic Jeans The New Option For Fashion


Metallic jeans for fashion

Metallic jeans a glamorous and new option for fashion

Have you ever heard about metallic jeans ? It is not about indigo denim anymore with all new designs, colors and type of fabrics, so today we will give you some secrets to add a glamorous touch to your outfit.

“Denim lovers are always seeking for new options, metallic jeans seem to be what many of them were looking for”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, a jeans manufacture company in Mexico.

If you have not decided yet to wear metallic jeans, here are some tips to help you taking the decision and looking great at the same time:

  • Metallic jeans are actually some sort of regular blue denim jeans, which means you can have them in your wardrobe and wear them on your regular outfits, combine them with clothes of similar colors, but make sure your shirts are plain, remember the metallic jeans are designed to stand out, so you do not need a striking blouse.
  • The metallic jeans perfectly match with an urban style, so you can wear your tight metallic jeans with black blouse, coat and beanie and a chain-strapped handbag.
  • These jeans are also ideal to create a rock star outfit, so you can combine your metallic jeans with a black leather jacket and biker boots.
  • If you just decided starting wearing metallic jeans and still feel a little shy about it, then you might want to try with a neutral style, going to the minimalistic outfit by wearing neutral colors with your metallic jeans.
  • Metallics are also great for summer, they shine so bright under the sun and you can combine them with a strapless blouse and sandals.

“Jeans are great to experiment with different outfits, they combine perfectly with almost all other clothes and can be worn at any occasions all year long”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

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Fashion styles for teenagers

Fashion styles for teenagers

Creating new fashion styles for teenagers

If you have teenagers at home, you for sure know how important it is for them to have wear the perfect outfit, but it is not necessary to spend too much money trying to fill out their wardrobes, as long as they have the right styles and variety of clothes, you will be able to create the outfits every teenager would dream of.

“There are many styles of jeans for teenagers nowadays, in Grupo Denim we develop different styles for customers of all ages, offering many different options so that everyone can find the perfect design they are looking for”, said Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of this company.

Here are some basic steps to create new fashion styles for teenagers:

  1. Check your closet – You will never know what you need until you actually see what you have, so take all of your clothes off the closet and try them on, you can donate the garments you do not wear anymore and keep the ones you will use to create your style.
  2. Choose the right shirts – If you do not have many blouses or shirts to complete your outfit, it might be time to go on shopping. Make sure you have a variety of styles and colors so you can make more outfits.
  3. Clothes for each season – Separate your clothes accordingly to each season, do you use necessary space in your closet hanging out jackets if it is summer or the opposite.
  4. Bottoms – Every teenager should have garments made of denim on their wardrobe, they perfectly match with almost anything, so make sure you have at least a couple of denim dresses, skirts, shorts and at least 5 different pair of jeans.
  5. Shoes – Remember that shoes are the complement to your outfit, they can make you outstand or fail, so make sure your shoes combine not only with your clothes but with your style.

“As parents, we know how important it is for a teenager to look good, so we need to help them finding their style and suport them by giving them enough confidence to choose their own clothes”, added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.

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Turn your old jeans into new shorts


How to turn your old jeans into new shorts

Winter is almost over and as the days starts feeling hotter, some people thinks of going out and buy shorts for the new season, but you do not need to spend any extra money on this, as today we will show you how to turn some old jeans you do not wear anymore, into shorts.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, a manufacturing enterprise said the following: “Denim is easy to handle, if you have basic experience in sewing, you can transform any garments made of this material into something different, such jeans that can become shorts”

Here are the steps to turn those old jeans into shorts:

  1. Choose your jeans – You need to pick those that you are sure you do not want to wear anymore as jeans, they should fit better on you, especially on those parts you are not cutting, such as your hips and waist.
  2. Size the length of your shorts – It will depend on how long you want it to be to put a mark where you will cut them out.
  3. Add extra inches – Remember to add a couple of extra inches for the hem.
  4. Cut the fabric – Follow the mark you have previously drawn and use sharp scissors so the cut is not irregular.
  5. Do the hem – Use a sewing machine with the correct needle for denim.

 Those are the basic steps you need to follow and you will have a new garment in your wardrobe, as you can see, the steps are easy to follow and this is a pretty cheap process.

If you want to go further, you can add paint, or add fabric scraps to your shorts to make them look more modern, you can also try to put different accessories to the back pockets.

“Denim is a very versatile fabric, and it lasts for too long, which makes it a good option to turn your jeans into shorts and give them a new life”, added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.

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wear blue jeans


A pair of blue jeans is probably the one single item of clothing that everyone owns. What was once a sign of anti-establishment rebellion has now become a staple worn by just about everyone, regardless of their different personal styles.

They are comfortable to wear, easy to look after and, paired with the right outfit and accessories, they can  be as good for a day in the office, as they are for a day relaxing at home said Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.

  1. Straight-Leg Jeans with heels

When you’ve got a great brand new pair of heels to wear, roll up the ankles of a pair of classic straight leg blue jeans and show off those heels in style. It’s a great way to tone down what might otherwise look a little bit of a mismatch between formal and casual.

  1. Skinny jeans and thigh length boots

Get the ‘Pretty Woman’ look, by pairing your skinny or straight leg jeans with a pair of thigh high boots. It’s the perfect way to add drama to your look and the guys just love those boots too. For a great, relaxed, daytime look, try matching your blue jeans and thigh length boots with a long, chunky cardigan and a cuffed shirt.

  1. Cuffed jeans and ankle boots

You can give a pair of straight jeans a completely new look by not tucking them into your ankle boots, but cuffing them just above the boots instead. It looks fanatic when you pair this with black boots and a black leather jacket. It’s very reminiscent of the old rocker style, but it works just as well, in a softer way, with beige boots or brown.

Blue jeans will never go out of style, so wear them elegantly and add your own touch of uniqueness to your wear-anywhere jeans commented Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Tight jeans

tight jeans

Tips to wear your tight jeans

You might think tight jeans are part of a transient trend, but that is not entirely accurate, as these type of jeans are here to stay, and for this reason, it is important to know how to combine them to make your outfit look good, if you want to learn how to wear these pants during the day, just following the steps we will share with you this time.

“There are lots of different designs for jeans now, which makes it easier to find a type that will meet everybody’s styles”, says Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Here are some advices to choose the best tight jeans for you:

  • Pick a color – Light colors and striking stamps will make your legs call for more attention, so make sure you wear them only if you are trying to get a funnier outfit. But, if you want your tight jeans to make you look skinner, then go for a darker color. If you want to look stylish and wear your tight jeans for work, pick the black ones.
  • Choose jeans of the right size – Jeans are made of denim, which is less flexible than other fabrics, so if you want your jeans to stretch out a little bit, have a pair of them made of denim and spandex, as they would give you the freedom to bend and move easily. Make sure your jeans are lose enough so you can move, but not so much that they will ruffle.
  • Select low, medium or regular fits – When you buy tight jeans, try each different fit so you can see which one fits you better, if your waist is wider, do not choose jeans too tight on the waist.
  • If you have a smaller waist, tight jeans are perfect are your waist will stand out and balance your legs and hips.

“Tight jeans come in different fits and fabric compositions so they would adjust to any type of bodies and the different washes and colors make them eligible for everyone”, added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Embroidery trends

embroidery trends

Embroidery trends for apparel industry

Embroidery decorations are never out of fashion, we see jeans with embroideries on hip pockets, watch pockets, pick stitch along the out seam, etc…

All manufacturers in the apparel industry are always looking for new embroidery techniques, digitizing or even 3D embroidery. Here are the steps to follow when developing a new embroidery design:

  • PDF Artwork of the embroidery design
  • Digitize the design on the computer
  • Cut denim or any other fabric mock ups, a hip pocket for example.
  • Embroider the mock up in order to confirm the stitches are correctly set as per as the needed specifications.

Embroidery threads need to meet the embroidery machine capacities, tex 24 is the most common thread to be used in so many singular colors, multi colors, metallic, etc..

In the present, some of the brands are combining embroideries & heat transfers designs, the truth is that this trend is still present on each fashion seasons, more or less, but every jean has an embroiderer design on it.

Grupo Denim, as a leader manufacturing industry located in Gomez Palacio, Durango, Mexico, is always looking for new and more sophisticated embroidery machines in order to accomplish its customer’s needs that are showing an increase on their fashion jeans sales; therefore, more embroidery capacity is needed. “Even a 5 pocket jean takes an embroidery now, so embroidery is always on trend, Rock 47 by Wrangler is a brand that takes a lot of embroidery, so on every season we are seeing new designs, we are glad and proud to work with our partners’ designers by working as a one team only, and they have come with such a great ideas that makes every season so successful in sales, we start with a minimum order and our customers always come back to place an extra purchase order”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.