Ways to wear your skinny jeans

Skinny Jeans

New ways to wear and combine your skinny jeans

Some people thought skinny jeans were more like a transient trend, but these types of jeans came here to stay, and for this reason, it is important that we all know how to wear them and the last trends to combine them.

“Women know how easy it is to combine a pair of jeans, which makes this garment a basic piece on the wardrobes, skinny jeans are a great choice as they can be worn for different situations depending on the top garments, accessories and shoes they are combined with”, said Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, a jeans manufacturer company in Mexico.

To combine your skinny jeans, you will first need to consider the following:

  1. Color – Light colors on your skinny jeans are better for a funnier outfit, if you want your jeans to make you look thinner, choose darker colors. If you want to wear the skinny jeans for work, choose a black or very dark color.
  2. Fit – When you buy your skinny jeans, keep in mind that they are not 100% cotton, they are more flexible than the rest of the jeans, which makes them stretch more, when you buy them, try on a few styles, make sure they are loose enough for you to move and crouch comfortably, but not too lose as they can pucker on the hips or thighs. You can choose between high, medium or low rise too.
  3. Accessories – If you have a small waist, these jeans are perfect; use it on your favor with a belt over your blouse, a tight jacket or large boots. If you have more hips, a long blouse with your skinny jeans is a great combination, and when your hips are smaller, you can combine your jeans with a square shaped blouse and a cute jacket.

One great advantage of the skinny jeans is that they go perfectly well with all type of bodies, it just depends on the blouses, jackets or sweaters you add that your outfit will look complete.

“Jeans are an excellent option to complement every outfit, they are comfortable and last for years when you take care of them correctly, these are only some of the reasons that have made jeans more popular each day”, added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, about this topic.

Duck Cloth

duck cloth

What is Duck Cloth?

Cotton duck –  (from Dutch doek,”linen canvas”), also simply duck, sometimes duck cloth or duck canvas, commonly called “canvas” outside the textile industry, is a heavy, plain woven cotton fabric. There is also linen duck, which is less often used. Duck is used in a wide range of applications, from sneakers to over tents to sandbags. Duck fabric is woven with 2 yarns together in the warp and a single yarn in the weft.

By far the most popular workwear fabric, cotton duck is a weighty, plain-but-strong woven canvas. Despite its name, this hardy workwear fabric has nothing to do with waterfowl or their feathers. The term “duck” comes from the Dutch word doek, which refers to a linen canvas once used for sailors’ white trousers and outerwear. The word “cotton” has been added to modern duck items simply to distinguish them from traditional linen duck. Interestingly enough, though, cotton duck is related to another type of work-ready duck. Duct tape, often called “duck tape,” was originally manufactured by adding an adhesive backing to regular cotton duck.

You’ve heard the expression “tougher than nails.” Well, cotton duck may be “tougher than sails.” The same general type of canvas duck used for many work clothes has often been used for traditional boat sails, since the thick cotton weave is incredibly resistant to tearing and rough wear.

Usually offered in drab colors like unbleached white, tan, and shades of brown or green, cotton duck work clothes never look very dirty even when they are.

The advantages of cotton duck workwear fabric are many. For example:

  • It has a relatively smooth surface that isn’t prone to snagging and tearing.
  • It is probably second only to leather in the class of true workwear fabrics in its ability to block the wind (which can be more important than anything on a blustery winter jobsite).
  • It is somewhat burn-resistant, albeit still certainly flammable. If you’re sleeping by a campfire or welding in the shop, a few small sparks or hot ashes won’t ruin the fabric, unlike nylon or other synthetics that end up with tiny pinholes everywhere in the same situation.
  • It may feel stiff and uncomfortable at first, but after being washed and worn a few times should feel quite comfortable.

This workwear fabric is also found in four-walled tents, shoes and sand bags added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur


Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur

Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs know how to identify opportunities, quantify risks and start working to make their ideas grow up immediately in a creative and innovative way, except that one does it in an external environment, while the second one under an organization’s umbrella.

When we talk about starting something new, we usually think of starting a business of their own; however, during the last years, entrepreneurship has given a new concept for those persons willing to start new things on their own employment, which are the intrapreneurs.

“Entrepreneurs are always willing to take risks, once they have found a business opportunity, with financial intelligence, organizing the resources they have in hand to make it happen, and assuming potential risks they will have to overcome, that is how they are able to become successful”, thinks Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

An intrapreneur is similar to an entrepreneur, except that he does not want to leave his organization, but is still able to identify new business opportunities that will allow a company to innovate its processes or products, making the business grow up, they are completely valuable for a company.

For an entrepreneur, their success will be remunerated with more earnings and a growing business, for an intrapreneur, their main reward is their achievements, having a successful vision within a company and the recognition of that organization they work for.

Knowledge is the main tool for both, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs, so they are willing to learn, listening to experiences, read, and everything that will help them have a successful mind, prepared for business.

“Any person who is responsible to transform an idea into a finished product that is economically viable, take risks and innovate is a great intrapreneur and is capable to make a company grow up, create more profits and get new customers, these persons are essential to make a business succeed”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Bad Habits You Can Drop Today to become ultra successful

Bad Habits You Can Drop Today to Become Ultra-Successful

7 Bad Habits You Can Drop Today to Become Ultra-Successful

These bad habits can creep up on anyone. Learn how you can eliminate them and boost your success. 

The internet is chock full of advice on which habits will boost your success–in the morning, nighttime, and anywhere in between.

To boost your success, below are some bad habits that I suggest you drop to make your way to the top:

Thinking of failure as a bad thing

When you redefine failure, you’re learning what does and does not work throughout your career. The important thing is to make sure that you actually learn from your mistakes, rather than repeating them time and time again.

Saying “Yes” to everything

To start, turn up your turn down skills: creating a polite, default response such as, “I’d love to help you out, but I ‘m honestly too busy,” will ensure that you maintain a semblance of a normal workload and prevent tasks from falling to the wayside.

Comparing yourself to others

Comparing that to someone else’s skill blueprint is a waste of time and drain on your success.

Believing in scarcity

A scarcity mindset is the belief that there’s only so much success to go around. In this age of hyper-competitiveness, thinking that someone else’s victory “steals” from your own success creeps on almost everyone.

Not setting the right goals

If you don’t set concrete goals towards your Genius Zone, then you are unable to channel your energy towards tasks that are leading towards success.

Being set in stone

Being determined and motivated is great. But don’t fall into the trap of mistaking determination for an unwillingness to change.

Believing self-doubt

Even when all the signs are pointing towards success, insecurity can easily kill your dreams. In fact, it’s so prevalent (especially with successful people), that it’s a full-blown condition known as impostor syndrome.

I can attest that the right habits will do wonders. However, the thing about habits is that they’re so ingrained in our minds and so routine that we barely notice them. That’s why many people, even some of the best entrepreneurs, are also stuck with habits that are creeping into their success commented Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Tips to be perfect on a rainy day

rainy day

Tips to be perfect on a rainy day, fashionist review

Every woman suffers when having a rainy day, especially when it rains without a single signed from the sky. We can start by reviewing some cities of the world where it is impossible to avoid the rainy days, during the whole year! London, has adopted the rainproof look as an identity of the Londoners.

The worst on spring is to have wet feet after going out from home in your new shoes and there’s a strong rain in the afternoon after you’re out from work. The solution is not to take out of your closet all the boots at the beginning of the spring season. You can choose a total rainproof look by using combined willies with a flower dress, or an ankle boots with jeans or short skirt. Avoid boyfriend or flare jeans and go for a cropped model, this is a perfect rainproof jean.

Smokey eye makeup is not a good idea for rainy days, especially if the rain is so strong as you might end up looking like a raccoon when getting into the office. Try natural looks and waterproof makeup; also don’t forget an antifreeze product for your hair. The perfect look for your hair will be a high bun.

Great waterproof clothing is a trench coat, created at the beginning for military purposes in a very resistant fiber because of the need to cover a person from the neck to the feet. Well, this coat is no longer a battle coat but it is a must on rainy days as it can protect 80% of your outfit. Another thing is that they are very light and easy to take.

The president of Grupo Denim, Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, explained that nowadays the weather is unpredictable; therefore, more customers are demanding developments in water resistant fabrics or similar fibers. “We innovate on new styles as our customers’ demand, we live to serve”, expressed Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.


Textiles for Spring/Summer 2016


Textiles for Spring/Summer 2016

The Spring/Summer seasons for 2016 are betting for bright textiles that will fill out the world of color, texture and vibrant applications that will fill out the air with energy and lots of personality.

“Spring and Summer are a great epoch of the year to dress on colorful outfits, taking out of the wardrobe those garments that will make you feel comfortable on hot days and fresh”, thinks Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

The tones of textiles for Spring and Summer 2016 will appear from subtle and romantic ones, such as nude, pale pink, camel, natural and choral to the stronger shades such as yellow, orange, blue, green and turquoise. Designers are finding the perfect balance between both color gamuts in order to create garments that include both colors instead of making them compete.

This Spring/Summer seasons we will see sophisticated textiles that will invite us to wear them in a bright and imperious way, some of these designs include animal print, openwork fabrics and classic textures reappearing again, such as patchwork and seafaring.

Trends are also guiding us to ethnic canvas, floral and bicolor tones that will convert these types of clothes in basic ones for this season.

The retro style is coming bight and this time it is bringing details inspiring a little bit of longing for those wonderful years.

Spring and Summer for 2016 will be great to reinvent textile applications, bright colors and retro prints that will invite the lovers to embrace these new fashion designs.

“The perfect benefit of design and style can only be obtained when the designers find a way to make completely different textiles match between them, that is when new combinations are found and the fashion lovers see the magic of new styles each new season”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

To know more news about the textile world, visit us at http://thetextileindustry.com/

Jeans for all styles

Jeans for all styles

Jeans for all styles

Jeans are key for all wardrobes, they are always useful and will save you too much time trying to find the perfect outfit and for this, many personas are used to wear them every day, today we will show you what king of jeans are available so you are able to identify the perfect one for your style next time you go on shopping.

“Jeans have the singularity of being versatile, comfortable, and easy to combine and take care of and they can be worn at very place. With all new designs, there are many jeans available for all type of styles”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, a jeans manufacturer company in Mexico.

These are the most common type of jeans:

  • Flared jeans – They are a perfect representation of the 70’s style, their main characteristic is the bell-shaped hems, I recommend you to combine these jeans with platform shoes.
  • Skinny jeans – They are a revolution on jeans, the skinny jeans are trends on the present, if you like these type of jeans, make sure to try a few one until you find the size that would fit perfectly.
  • Boot cut jeans – The bottom part of these jeans is open enough so that your boots will perfectly fit inside, but the bottom part of the jeans is not as wide as the flared jeans.
  • Boyfriend jeans – These are boyish styles, loose on the upper part and tighter at the bottom. These are the perfect jeans for a comfortable and informal look.
  • Straight jeans – They are a combination between skinny and boot cut jeans, these give you a perfect sense of comfort on the legs and will style your shade perfectly.

“Whatever your style is, there are many jeans that will complement your outfit perfect, we, at Grupo Denim, make sure to keep on proposing new designs that many more people likes”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.

Payment Plans

Payment Plans

Three Ways to Use Payment Plans to Get Paid Faster

It’s a few days before payroll is due, and you have three outstanding invoices over a week late.  One customer has promised that their check is in the mail, another customer asked to postpone their payment a week until their paycheck clears their account, and the third customer hasn’t returned a phone call or email in two weeks.  These scenarios are common for a small business owner, but the good news is that there are ways to help mitigate late payment issues.  Automatic recurring schedules aren’t just useful for your gym membership or car payments anymore; businesses in various spaces see the benefits of automatic payments.  Here are three things you need to know to make the switch to payment plans and get paid faster.

Get Authorization

Whether a customer is paying from their bank account or a credit card, valid authorization must be obtained prior to the first scheduled payment.  There are a few ways to have your customer authorize a recurring payment schedule – physically sign a form, authorize electronically, or complete an overriding contract/agreement.  Once you have a signed authorization from your customer, you can enter the schedule.

Set Reminders

Once you’ve set up a schedule with your customer, it’s a good idea to send them a recap of when they’ll be seeing debits from your business.  Whether it’s an email or a letter, you should make sure your customer has a copy of the terms they agreed to so they can reference at any time.  This should also help cut back on any future disputes or claims that a payment wasn’t authorized, and your business will also want to keep a copy of the agreement on hand for reference.

Flexibility is Key

One of the perks of using automatic payments is that you can project your deposits and know how much cash you will have available at different times.  However, sometimes unexpected financial issues can hit someone right about the time their invoice to your business is due.

Most importantly, no business can be successful without their customers; why not help make the way they pay your business as hassle-free as possible added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Investing in a startup company


Investing in a startup company is now easier

It is clear that the future of the worldwide economy will be mainly pushed by the technological innovation. Over the last years, an innovated group of companies have emerged having as their principal function to solve problems by using the technology; these companies are called “startups”.

Having the technology as an advantage, these companies have such a great capacity of scalability, meaning that they could grow a lot without so many resources needed, which generates very attractive performance for their investors; however, it is also clear that these are high risk investments.

Did you know that if you had invested 1,000 pesos in Google back in 1998, you would have 42 million dollars by 2010?

Until a few years ago, investing in a startup could be a difficult task, only for millionaires or investment funds; however, by using Play Business we all could invest in a startup in a simple way by being part of the crowdfunding, which enables to invest 100 pesos per month to start in a company that we could think it is attractive and become a “player”, this is how Play Business call their investors.

Marc Segura, CEO of Play Business, gave some advises on how to invest in startups:

We accept the challenge and we have launched our marketing campaign called Surfing Digital, the first digital academy on how to learn about teaching how the most successful companies in the XXI century operate.

All the big companies that we see nowadays, started as a dream and so small, but by being persistent, action and investment, they have transformed industries. One of the best advantages of technology is that in the present, is so easy and simple to become a part of these startup companies.

“Technology is so strong, every business needs to be online in the present; otherwise, it is death”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal a successful entrepreneur from Mexico and president of Grupo Denim.

Bleach your denim shorts

Bleach your denim shorts

How to bleach your denim shorts

You probably have a pair of denim shorts that you love, but you want to give them a different look this year, well, we will share some interesting tips with you so you can bleach your shorts and make them seem as a completely different pair.

“One of the greatest advantages of clothes made of denim is that you can give them new life by bleaching them, adding destruction or different trims or even dying them in different colors, or even recycling the garments and give them new uses, that is why many people prefers this fabric”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, a jeans manufacturer in Mexico.

Here are the steps you will need to follow to bleach your denim shorts:

  1. Place an old towel under your shorts, make sure you place a bag inside of your shorts, that way denim will not absorb the bleach at the front and back parts of your garment.
  2. Pour some liquid bleach in a plastic well, do not use a metal one or the bleach will cause a chemical reaction when it touches the metal.
  3. Put on your plastic washes and put a sponge within the bleach.
  4. Use the sponge to create bleach designs over your shorts.
  5. Wash your denim shorts in a cold wash cycle; remember not to get any other garments into the wash machine.
  6. Let your denim shorts dry.
  7. If you want to create a dramatic look, you can repeat the above steps after the first wash cycle.
  8. Remember not to let the bleach for too long on your garments, or it will eat up the fibers.

“Many people is choosing denim garments over clothes made of any other materials as it allows them to make their own creations, letting them give their own styles to the clothes they wear everyday”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.